The Man behind the Vision

Suede B. Beradino learned his deeply seated work ethic on a farm and ranch in the plains of Idaho where his grandparents raised him alongside 550 heads of cattle in a town of less than half that population. The days were long as crops, cattle and farm equipment needed constant attention. When mechanical parts weren’t available, Suede’s grand dad discovered the youth’s knack for building them from scratch, and set him about spending many a day tweaking engines and machinery to keep everything running. Across those years, Suede discovered that diligence and perseverance can prevail on the farm and in life, especially with youthful resourcefulness and a spark of creativity.

Suede went on to get under the hood of all types of automobiles and trucks, initially customizing his ’68 Camaro SS at age 16, then on to spending the next several decades taking on new challenges. Very quickly, he began seeking out mentors among the local masters of automobile restoration and repair, amassing self-confidence, rare “street smarts” and long-lasting friendships that continue today in his own business in Santa Rosa, California.

Solving a problem with a set of hard working hands guided by a bit of ingenuity has become an important part of what Suede stands for today. In fact, the idea behind CAR Vocational Training Program was kindled from the same ethic, thus laying the groundwork for something never done before in California and perhaps the nation.    

His pride and passion for sharing his knowledge is evident in this program, which is poised to offer progressive youth a genuine opportunity to learn the same lessons and skills Suede used to build a rewarding career and life.

 Suede shares some Life Lessons
for prospective students