Donating your vehicle

We’re poised to accept your donations, whether a vehicle, equipment, or other assets, including cash funds. All such contributions are 100% tax deductible when passed through our fiscal sponsor.

Our program is the recipient of funding which comes to us in various forms. However, one of the unique ways we can receive support is for collectors to make a tax deductible donation of one of their classics to us, which we may in turn use in a number of different ways.

We can explain the details of the transaction, but in general, a classic car donation can become a project car for the classes of students, especially if it’s one that needs restoration. If it’s a cleaner car, we may exhibit it at a show during some of the organization’s public displays, for example as a crowd stopper at an event.

If we all agree, the donor car can even be used as a fundraiser in a charity auction or other fundraising scenario.

So go ahead. Look at your collection and think about the good your vehicle can do for the CAR Vocational Training Program.

For more information, click HERE, or phone our business office.