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June 20 – All contributions are 100% tax deductible!

C.A.R. is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund Inc, a California 501(c)(3) organization. We’re pleased to report that our fiscal sponsor is in place and poised to assist with contributions, whether in funds, automobiles, equipment, or other assets. For more information contact our business office.

April 12 – A 1968 Impala SS that we unearthed in a barn. 

Besides the great time we’ve had finding this gem, fixing it up, and polishing it with a big dose of student and mentor “elbow grease”… the best part of the news is that it’s back on the road again looking like a million bucks. Okay, you know what we mean, and someday we hope we CAN hold a raffle for a car leading to that much funding for CAR’s program. Think of all the good those funds could do!


CAR Program 2014 - Donated project auto

January 7 – The Rotary Club of Glen Ellen/Kenwood (CA) Hosts the C.A.R. Program  

Thanks to Jim Galvin and especially our host Bill Foss of Kenwood Restaurant (along with a bunch of great Rotarian neighbors, friends and fans), we had a chance to meet at a special meeting of the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen/Kenwood to compare notes and share more information about the CAR Program. The club’s mission is to work together in service to local and global communities, and much of the effort is spent to help local causes that uplift the community.  We look forward to a long relationship with them. Much, much appreciated!


December 1 – CBS Television is Stopping by this month

KPIX Channel 5 in San Francisco may be coming out to find out more about us for a North Bay neighborhood feature on C.A.R.  We’re excited because we believe it can mean more connections to the community, helping us spread the word to potential students, to social  programs and sponsors that can benefit from partnering with us, to potential funding sources in the community, and of course to local drivers who might simply want to drop automobiles off for servicing.


No matter where it comes from, we welcome this kind of publicity for a newsworthy program…and want to especially thank the people at KPIX for helping us get closer to all our goals!

As they say on Television news…”More details as they become available.”

Thanksgiving – We appreciate all of you!

We could not have arrived where we are today without you! This is a time of the year when we all look back and give thanks for those in our lives, and for the power you give us through your caring … empowering us to, in turn, uplift those around us who need it most. We at CAR are better because of all of you.
————– In gratitude to each and every one of you. (Suede and the extended team)

November 25 – Tribal TANF of Sonoma & Marin meeting

We just met with some great people from the Employment & Education Department of the Tribal TANF of Sonoma & Marin.  TANF is short for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and we are definitely on the same page. Both of us are committed to serving the needs of the community by assisting folks who simply need a bit of help in getting “back on their feet”.

Among many common shared subjects, as always, we offered to happily accept vehicles directed to us by them for servicing at our shop. We welcome organizations who want to spend their dollars more efficiently (given our everyday shop labor rate is reported to be the lowest legal rate in Sonoma County). As we all know: every dollar counts…and we can help make that happen!

November 14 – We’ve been busy both in the shop and out in the community.

The community is abuzz with the news we’re making this thing happen. We’ve done a few classic car shows, entirely attended by our own kind supporters who drive out in their own vehicles and spend the day while everyone shares in the fun (for a great cause). The latest was at Fritz Wine Cave in Dry Creek, CA. Great to see so much excitement. (Thanks Fritz for being such generous hosts. You rock!)

October 12 – Students joining us!

We’re interviewing prospective students and continue to seek funding within the community. We’re ever so close to becoming sustainable. That means, the auto servicing side of the business can all but cover the day to day costs moving forward. What we need right now, even as we take on more students, is some private funding to match other support that’s promised.   We’re patiently excited: this thing is happening!

September 14 – CAR founder recognized by Mayor’s Office

We’re spending substantial time working with the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Taskforce to tailor aspects of our program with the needs of the community. We were pleased to receive this in today’s mail. Thank you MGPTF!

September 12 – Youth Tour and meet-up at CARS Program

What a great field trip experience we shared with potential local students!  Toni Abraham of S.A.Y. (Social Advocates for Youth) who brought interested youth, wrote us these kind words:

“We enjoyed ourselves so much today at your vocational program! The youth were very impressed and could hardly believe that there is an opportunity for them to take of advantage of right here in Santa Rosa. They could not stop talking on the way home about the cars, and are very interested in your program.  We would like to bring youth on a regular basis as we serve about 250 kids a year.  Your staff and  classic cars make your shop a warm and friendly environment to visit!”    SAY-visit-1Thanks Toni, we enjoyed the visit, too!

August 17 – 54th Concours d’Elegance
We know that history is on display and history is made in the classic car world during the this Pebble Beach event. We’ll be there with one of our cars. Here’s hoping some of our friends in the industry can meet us and find out more about us…then start “talking up” the only vocational program in the United States to do what CAR does. There is no other quite like it anywhere…such that once it is up and running with students on board…it should be a sustainable funding model. And to think, it all started here in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County! Well, it’s about to start anyway!


August 9 – A Day in the Park with Santa Rosa neighbors and friends
Suede and the team headed over to the south park neighborhood to start spreading “classic” cheer, with some of our project cars onsite for potential students and their parents to check out, inside and out. It was really the first chance to join in a local community event. We’re in good company with great sponsors like Community Action Partnership of Sonoma, The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, the City of Santa Rosa Police force, Community Action Partnership, City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks, South Santa Rosa, Transforming our Community, Sonoma County Friday Night Live Partnership, and so many more!


August 6 – Sonoma County Organizations Youth Fair
We’re excited to be meeting more and more young adults who may fit into our program. They meet us in Santa Rosa under the auspices of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department among others who invited us to bring some classics (one from the each decade (the ’20s through the ’70s) for all to see and maybe sit inside…and hear our founder’s story. We’ve got some great comments from them reacting to the program and its uniqueness. Thanks to all who helped make it happen. And just sayin’…we appreciate any invite that helps us help youth. Bring it on.

July 20 – Sharing ideas with NAZKARS
We’ve been sharing ideas with a fantastic organization in Vancouver, Canada that’s much like ours. They have a great track record of really making a difference in the community. Crime is down and young adults are finding their way to productive lives. The idea of NasKarz is to harness the resourcefulness, ingenuity, and courage of youth into a positive plan that involves cars and mechanics, and introduce them into a new social network.

NAZKARS shows off a Cobra

NasKarz works to build a Circle of Courage with each youth, and to inspire a sense of belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. Sound familiar? To paraphrase James Taylor, their road and our road seem to be one and the same. Check them out HERE.

July 18 – Shop Talk
Back at the shop, we’ve come a long way, and things are certainly looking great around here. We’re probably in second gear on the way to third. More and more folks have stopped in to see what we’re up to.  Onward!


June 8 – Showtime
We had a great visit to the Concours d’Elegance where we continued to spread the good word about CAR. Stay tuned for some great developments from that visit! concours copy